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Ep 5: Dana Needed Something Different

42-year-old mother of two, Dana Day never planned to leave the comforts of Atlanta – much less America. A co worker’s stories about working abroad prompted Dana to apply for a position just to see what would happen. Six weeks later, she was preparing to move to Kuwait. In this episode, she explains that though her family was excited about her move, her ex-husband had apprehensions about his preteen daughters being shipped to the Middle East. Three years and two countries later, her ex now sees how beneficial living outside of the U.S. has been for his girls. They get exposed to diverse cultures and languages. They participate in activities that would be financially impossible if they were back in the United States. Dana explains why living in Kuwait and Thailand have been immense growth opportunities for her. She has learned to trust herself and listen to her gut more. She has been forced to be more patient when language barriers and cultural differences make simple errands complicated. She has been enjoying her time abroad so much, Dana has tried to back track on a promise to her daughters that they would return home when it was time for them to graduate from high school. In fact, she is hesitant to commit to ever repatriating to America. “There is just so much tension in the states right now,” Dana sighs. “I wanted something new; I wanted more. And I really just feel freer when I am not in America.”

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